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I have access to a world class team available to tailor solutions to meet your unique needs.

Pictured: Roddy Galbraith, Allison Newcomer, Mark Cole, Chris Robinson

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What is currently your biggest
opportunity to take your organization
to the next level of success?

Is your team fully equipped to meet

this opportunity?

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Kenson Leadership can:

  • Partner with leadership to optimize operational processes

  • Facilitate meetings and retreats

  • Evaluate Diversity and Inclusion efforts

  • Evaluate HR policies and processes

  • Conduct Behavior Analysis assessments

  • Create half day or full day workshops focused on interpersonal skills, leadership skills, and legal compliance needs. 




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Pictured: Allison Newcomer, Dr. John Maxwell


My specialty is breaking down philosophy so people see how it shows up in their daily lives.  Once a person can see how they are affected by the issues, we then break down how to make desirable, observable, measurable changes. 

People change when: (1) they know what’s in it for them, (2) they identify what is within their control to change and (3) believe they can change and their life will be better if they do. 

Companies are people, and all people need to feel valued by others and satisfied with their actions.  It only makes good business sense to create an environment people feel seen and safe to fully contribute to the team.

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