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As a Maxwell Leadership Certified Team Member, I have access to licensed curriculum, created by the foremost expert in leadership, Dr. John C. Maxwell, as well as and a world class team, that can tailor solutions to ensure your team is equipped to conquer that next opportunity.

Luck =  Opportunity + Preparation + Action 

                                               - Dr. John C. Maxwell


Leaders know success doesn't happen by accident, no one wakes up and wonders how they made it to the top. 


Achieving your goals takes the right preparation and the right action. 

Opportunity doesn't wait for you to get ready.

Let's work together to create your luck.

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We provide tailored strategies to achieve your goal!

Services include:

Corporate Consulting - I have a proven track record working with private and public sector organizations to develop new systems and processes to successfully obtain new business opportunities, create strong company cultures, create effective leadership development programs that provide benefits immediately and strengthen your leadership pipeline.

Leadership Experience – A fun team building game that provides powerful impact in a short time!  Every team needs to have fun, this is a great opportunity for the group to learn more about each other and highlights the importance of leadership.      


Maxwell DISC assessment –  Learn to leverage your strengths in order to enhance your relationships and your results.  DISC has been credited for not only improving work relationships but saving marriages and parent/child relationships!  The Maxwell DISC report gives you the following:

  • You are able to see you at home, you at work, and you under stress.

  • Identifying how to successfully manage stress.

  • Tools to instantly improve communication and all your relationships. 

  • PowerDISC giving you specific insights on how you are doing in different areas of leadership and again, gives you tools to instantly build on your strengths!


DISC assessments includes the assessment and a 1 hour debrief. 


Individual Coaching – You set the agenda and get to dive deep on the specific goal you are wanting to accomplish.  We work together to understand the obstacles that keep showing up and find the ways to overcome the obstacles in order to accomplish the goal!  Additionally, individual coaching provides a safe space to work on the soft skills that may be frustrating you and preventing you from achieving your goals. 


Whether at work or at home the right strategies can get the right results.     


Workshops – One is too small of a number to create significance – John Maxwell. 

We often are hired into key roles based on our strong technical skills and are left on our own to learn the soft skills.  These skills include effectively communicate with different people, successfully handling conflict within a team, motivating a team, etc.  This time to learn the soft skills can be frustrating and at times painful!  Learning on your own can take a long time and does not guarantee results.  Workshops allow you to learn with and from your peers.  You will be provided with practical solutions to improve how you work with your team.    


Facilitating your meeting – Let me help your team get the most out of your planning session or retreat. 


Be sure to check out the upcoming events under the More tab for opportunities to plug into a group!  

What we do:

Let’s Work Together

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